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About Me

On a Creative Journey ...

I was born and raised in Western Canada, I have always been a creative mind. I want to make the world a more beautiful place any way I can. I began my full-time art career about 6 years ago. Selling canvas art as I travelled the US and Canada. Going to festivals and setting up vendor booths with my art was an amazing experience. I have sold hundreds of paintings to people all over North America since becoming a "professional" artist. Then I decided to travel to Asia for a year and see if my art would be popular there. Within 3 weeks I landed a volunteer job painting murals at a hostel in Northern Thailand. I stayed there for over a year learning more about Murals and bigger scale art. From there I have painted over a dozen murals in Canada and Mexico. I felt like Murals were much more rewarding than canvas art, as so many more people get to see them! And that brings me to NOW! Where in the midst of a global pandemic, a new virtual meta-world has emerged. Offering artists an opportunity to create and share their work to a much larger audience. So I have began to dig into this world of NFTs. I felt like it wasn't for me at first, but now I realize that this is an opportunity for me to use my art for not just a physical painting, but something much deeper and more interactive, something where owners can explore virtual lands and experience life in an exciting new way.  There's much to come in the future from JonnyGato so stay tuned for the Big Announcement coming soon. 

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